Screen Casting

Thankfully, this assignment was pretty easy for me. The technology involved was really easy to use, especially since the professor showed us how to use it step by step during class. I never used to consider myself necessarily “bad” at technology, but I guess this class is showing me otherwise. I had no problem making the screencast, however I kept messing up what I was saying, or would lose my train of thought, so I had to keep redoing my screen cast which was a little annoying, especially since I hate hearing my own voice. Learning how to screen cast could actually be very helpful for me in the future. One reason why learning this skill might be helpful is for one I’m at work and need to send a presentation to my coworkers on how to use a website. My internship involves me using different social media platforms, and not all of my coworkers know how to use these said social media platforms. So, if I were to do a presentation on how to use the multiple platforms I analyze during work, I could use screen casting to show my older coworkers what pages to click, what numbers on the page are important, and how to upload content on their own. A creative project I could also use screen casting for is one of my many marketing projects. If I want to show off an advertisement, or an email campaign, or just a website, and what features I like or dislike, I can use screencasting to present this to my professor. For my classes, we look at different ways companies try to reach their audiences, like for instance commercials. If I wanted to refer to a specific part of a commercial, I could use screen casting to show the video, pause it, and refer to any details I need.

My screencast.