Screen Casting

Thankfully, this assignment was pretty easy for me. The technology involved was really easy to use, especially since the professor showed us how to use it step by step during class. I never used to consider myself necessarily “bad” at technology, but I guess this class is showing me otherwise. I had no problem making the screencast, however I kept messing up what I was saying, or would lose my train of thought, so I had to keep redoing my screen cast which was a little annoying, especially since I hate hearing my own voice. Learning how to screen cast could actually be very helpful for me in the future. One reason why learning this skill might be helpful is for one I’m at work and need to send a presentation to my coworkers on how to use a website. My internship involves me using different social media platforms, and not all of my coworkers know how to use these said social media platforms. So, if I were to do a presentation on how to use the multiple platforms I analyze during work, I could use screen casting to show my older coworkers what pages to click, what numbers on the page are important, and how to upload content on their own. A creative project I could also use screen casting for is one of my many marketing projects. If I want to show off an advertisement, or an email campaign, or just a website, and what features I like or dislike, I can use screencasting to present this to my professor. For my classes, we look at different ways companies try to reach their audiences, like for instance commercials. If I wanted to refer to a specific part of a commercial, I could use screen casting to show the video, pause it, and refer to any details I need.

My screencast.


Pretending to be a DJ

Here we go again! With my hopes and dreams being crushed! So, as per usual, I expected myself to do this whole big thing and create something that was WELL out of my reach. By that, I mean I thought I was going to mix 2 (maybe even 3 if I was feeling it) songs together in GarageBand and totally nail this assignment. At least for this assignment, I knew that I should watch the tutorials first because I could NOT go in blindly. However, when I opened up GarageBand, it was a newer version so it was still a little hard figuring out where everything would be. I originally was going to crossfade Hotel California by The Eagles with One of These Nights, also by The Eagles. They are my favorite band, and I associate the majority of their music with summer since I always listen to them when I’m driving down the shore. So, I thought it would fit my theme to include songs that reminded me (and hopefully others) of summer. However, the first roadblock in my journey was that I didn’t even have One of These Nights in my computer music library; I  only had it on my phone, and I was too lazy to upload it. So, I tried to crossfade it with another song, but nothing sounded good. So, I dropped Hotel California and was going to try to mix The Girl by City and Color with Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. However, I learned really quickly that crossfading two songs that are acoustic is a lot harder than you would think. The two guitars playing two different songs just sound like shit when crossfading, if we’re being honest. At least, it does when I try to do it…I’m sure some professional DJ could make it sound amazing. So, I figured doing two rap/hip hop/R&B songs would be easier since I hear DJ’s mash them up on the radio all the time. I decided to go with Countdown by Beyonce, one of my favorites, and crossfade it with Gold Digger by Kanye featuring Jamie Foxx, another favorite. When I finally nailed the crossfade I thought it sounded so good, but listening to it now – it’s alright. Next, I decided to splice Gold Digger because I thought it would be easier, and it kinda was. You can definitely tell where the splice is, but hey, I tried my best, professor. Splicing is really hard and the guy on the tutorial made it look really easy…it’s not. At least the hardest parts of the class are over, because once again, I’ve been taught I’m not made for any time of creativity/editing of work on the computers. If I do use GarageBand again, it will probably be to make some funny mash up of songs for my friends. 


My commercial.

(Also, I didn’t even realize I had the explicit version of Gold Digger until I was already like 70% done, because I was mostly working on crossfading the intro and recording my “About” page. Only when I had to make a music bed for my audio did I realize, and it caught me off guard, so, sorry if it did the same to anyone else!)

Creating A Header

One of the assignments for this week was to use photo editing software to create a header by layering 2 pictures, and playing around with contrast/brightness and filters. In my head, I imagined exactly what I wanted my photoshopped picture to look like. It was going to be a picture of a tropical beach (NOT the Jersey Shore, though I do love it) that slowly faded into a picture of an office desk, with a computer, phone and maybe a notebook on the desk. I planned it out in my head which pictures I was going to use and I was so confident I was going to do a really good job. How incredibly naive of me. I didn’t even watch the videos that were suggested for using Pixlr Editor, because I’m an idiot, and tried just diving into the site. I uploaded my background picture and that was as far as I got on my own. So, after going back and watching the videos, I was a lot more confident. However, I soon realized I couldn’t just fade two pictures together, I was probably not using software that could do that, or even if I was, I was not nearly skilled enough to figure out how to do that on my own. I tried my best to copy what the man did in the video, to delete the background of the second image I wanted to use on top of my background picture of a beach, but because so many stock photos I found of computers were a white computer on a white desk with a white keyboard, I couldn’t properly isolate just the white desk. So, I wound up being able to delete the background of the computer desk when it was already layered on top of the beach picture, but I unfortunately couldn’t delete all of it. So, as you’ll see, there’s some weird lines on the beach because some of the background was still left. (Also, now that I’m proofreading this post before I upload it, I realize I blurred out the background image of the beach, I don’t exactly remember why, but I remember it somehow looked better than when it wasn’t blurred.) When the professor said, “No offense, but you’re probably not going to do anything that will impress me” I took it as a challenge and thought, “No, I feel like I could actually be pretty good at this.” No, no…I was wrong. I definitely should not pursue a career in graphic design. As for where I can apply these newfound “skills”…I will honestly probably use them to create memes or funny pictures to send my friends, and that’s it. My work should not be displayed anywhere. So, without further ado, here is my less-than-subpar header I created!

beach header.jpg

My mediocre at BEST header image was borrowed and remixed images from Wikipedia and Pexels.

My First Blog Post

I’ve never had a blog before, or even read one for that matter. So, setting this up wasn’t exactly the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but it wasn’t very hard to set up. The hardest part was probably figuring out how to set up the About, Contact and Meet the Editor pages as well as the widgets in the side bar. I still can’t figure out how to delete the preloaded WordPress links in the Blogroll widget, and it might actually drive me crazy. As far as setting up the theme, colors and fonts, that was easy, because all you have to do is just play around with the customization page.


A depiction of me trying to set up the widgets (picture obtained from Google).


Me once I finally started getting the hang of WordPress (picture obtained from Google).