Fair Use Media

So, f30000830153_ff5239b242_m.jpgor my fair use media post, I chose a picture that relates to my blog because this is how me (and my coworkers) feel when it’s sunny and 95 degrees out, and we’re stuck in our office (with no windows). I love my internship and my coworkers, but whenever it’s  a beautiful summer day out, I do get a twinge of regret. I regret that I decided to pursue my future and get an internship to help further my career, instead of not working and laying on the beach all summer long like a bum (just kidding, of course…but not really). I haven’t written about my internship yet, so I’m dedicating this post to what it’s like to work during the summer, when all your friends are out having fun, and you’re stuck living by yourself in good, ole New Brunswick. I saw this meme on Twitter that actually said “when you want to quit your job to have fun…but in order to have fun you, need the money you get from you job” with a look of someone in utter despair. That meme summed up my summer so well I wish I could make it the background image of my blog (but I would be infringing on copyright if I did that!).

Without further ado, I’m allowed to use this image of women in a jail because, according to the Fair Use Checklist:

  • I am commenting on it, saying how it is like a metaphor for me at work. (Purpose)
  • This is favored to educational objectives, I am writing a blog for class to learn about strategic presentation. (Nature)
  • I only used a small quantity, one image from Flickr. (Amount) 
  • The amount is favored for educational use, one single image, no more no less. (Amount)

I could mention all the ways I am not opposing the justification for fair use, but it’s really late and I’m exhausted, and I already hit 200 words.

I got this image from Flickr


3 thoughts on “Fair Use Media

  1. The picture fits well with your post about working in the summer, and I feel your pain. I think everyone’s Creative Commons posts this week are fair use because they are using it for educational purposes and only commenting on it.


  2. I really enjoyed your post. I like that you compared the photo to the way that you feel being stuck in the office hahahaha. I know exactly how you feel about working during the summer. I am taking 2 classes working as well as interning so it has been a lot. But, it will all be worth it later on


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