The meme I chose for my website was the “conceited reaction” meme. This meme, according to Know Your Meme, is “a reaction image in which the rapper Conceited is shown looking off camera while pursing his lips, which is typically paired humorous captions to indicate feelings of anxiety or disapproval.” This is actually one of my favorite memes, and I picked it because it’s pretty much my (or life’s) reaction to a lot of things I plan out. For example:

me (at night): I’m gonna wake up early tomorrow morning and work out!  

me in the morning:  conceited



me planning out the day: I’m gonna get all my homework done early today!

me at night when I plop down on my bed and turn netflix on: conceited

me: this guy I met is really nice and I think I really like him!

the universe, knowing it’s not gonna work out between us: conceited


This meme is beneficial to my blog because hopefully it will give my followers insight on how I’m feeling when I post about how my day was or why my life is a mess. My summer has been FILLED with anxiety and disapproval so I think if I put this meme into my posts it’ll help the people reading this to visualize what was happening in my brain/ what I was thinking and feeling.


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