Promoting on Social Media

So, when I was thinking of what social media platforms or tools you guys (the wonderful people reading this) could do to promote my blog, the first thing that immediately came to mind was sharing it on Facebook. Pretty much everyone has a Facebook, so what better way to share it? I see people my age sharing links all the time, whether it’s to donate money or sharing funny articles. But then, on second thought, there are also a lot of parents on Facebook, and although I’m not posting anything inappropriate, I just wouldn’t want my parents or family members to somehow get ahold of my blog. Another reason why I had doubts about using Facebook to share my blog was because the audience that I’m targeting for my blog are people my age, and I feel I would be better able to reach more people my age, that I feel would enjoy it, on Twitter. It would be beneficial to my blog if it were shared on Twitter because the more people that view it, the more feedback I could get on how to make it better. For instance, people in the class have already critiqued my posts, and the more diverse input I get, the more I can enhance my blog and maybe even adjust my posts to engage a larger audience.


5 thoughts on “Promoting on Social Media

  1. akilas

    I think Twitter or Facebook is a good idea! On Facebok you could make it so the links are only shared to your friends and not everyone – i.e. your family. Hope this helps!


  2. Gabrielle

    I agree with you that sharing your blog posts on Facebook where you have a lot of your followers as your personal friends or colleagues might not be ideal so Twitter is more useful in promoting because you get a bigger variety of audiences that is interested in hearing your thoughts (well that’s what Twitter is anyways too!).


  3. Facebook is a good site to help promote your blog but not that many people have Facebook accounts. I think that twitter and instagram are good since random people are allowed to see your page vs Facebook where somebody has to be your friend to view something. But Facebook could be a good hit as well.


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