My Weekend

Though my summer has mostly consisted of me working, or driving (either home from work, or from home to work), I actually had a very busy weekend. My Friday consisted of me lounging around for the majority of the day, and then getting a haircut (which no one noticed, not even my mom), and buying some new running shoes. At night, I went out with two of my best friends who I had not seen in awhile which was really nice.

Since I have to live at school during the week for my internship, I barely see my friends anymore. It also doesn’t help that almost every single one of my friends lives away at school for their own internships as well. We are all together roughly once a month now, and although we’re used to being apart from each other at school, it sucks not being with your friends durning the summer.

On Saturday, I woke up to find that I was already running late that day. My dad bought my family tickets to go to a music festival this weekend, with Saturday’s bands being The Doobie Brothers (who?), Steely Dan (who??) and, my favorite band ever, The Eagles. I wanted to see them so badly I had been considering just buying a parking pass and listening to the concert from the parking lot. I was forced to get ready as quickly as possible (which is hard for me) and get ready to leave, even though the Eagles wouldn’t be coming on for roughly 6 hours...I hate that about concerts. After sitting through over 3 hours of songs I had never heard, the Eagles came on and I was literally so overcome with emotion that I started to cry. I have never been one of those people who cry at concerts, but I’m not even ashamed to admit I cried through probably the first half hour before I finally got it grip and pulled myself together. I mean I wasn’t sobbing, but tears were falling because I was just so happy, and thankful, and also emotional because they kept doing tributes to one of the members who had recently passed away. It was without a doubt the greatest concert I’ve ever been to and I can’t ever thank my parents enough for taking me. It felt like a blur and I feel like it didn’t even really happen.

On Sunday, I woke up only to find I was being rushed to get ready again, this time to go to a Yankee game with my brother and sister. Even though I live in North Jersey and have made it to the Bronx by driving in only 20 minutes, it usually takes at least an hour to get to Yankee stadium which is such a pain in the ass. I obviously took too long to get ready and made us miss our train, so we got to the game late. It was such a beautiful day  to watch a game and I’m glad it wasn’t 70 degrees like it had been the day before. I wasn’t glad however at how much everything costs in the stadium. There is no reason a beer should be $11.50 and a hot dog should be $8. You literally have to take out a loan before you go there because you wind up spending so much money. Other than the fact that Yankees lost, and I spent half of my life’s savings at the game, I had a great time.

This was probably the most exciting weekend I’ll have all summer, which is why I decided to write about it. Don’t get excited, most of my weekends entail me laying out in the yard tanning for the whole weekend and sleeping.


7 thoughts on “My Weekend

  1. Hahaha I loved your commentary describing your weekend. I’m so jealous you got to see The Eagles! That must have been amazing. And don’t worry- my weekends usually consist of laying outside and sleeping too


  2. This post is very on-brand for your blog, so that’s a plus. Can’t agree with you more that items are overpriced at ballparks — it’s honestly ridiculous. I just checked the score from the game, and as a Red Sox fan, I’m happy the Yanks lost, but for your sake, I am empathetic.

    Looking forward to seeing the haircut in class!


  3. tomgerwer

    Funny you should write this. I was in Ocean City, MD this weekend with my family at a bar down there to see The Eagles tribute band. I am not really a big Eagles fan, but I know a few songs to appreciate them. Also, I have been to Yankee Stadium, and you are not wrong about taking out a loan. It is unbelievable and seem like they are trying to price out the common fan for more corporate type people who would pay these prices, which is sad.


  4. I’ve never been to a major sports game, so those prices are absolutely shocking! And it sucks when scheduling conflicts prevent friends from seeing each other, that was a big problem for me through May and July when I had a full time job. At least things like that and internships will help us eventually not need to take out loans when we go next out to the ball game.


  5. kinkykutiez

    Staying at home tanning and sleeping is an awesome thing! Sleeping is my favorite thing in the world. Can’t wait to check out the cut tomorrow.


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