Pretending to be a DJ

Here we go again! With my hopes and dreams being crushed! So, as per usual, I expected myself to do this whole big thing and create something that was WELL out of my reach. By that, I mean I thought I was going to mix 2 (maybe even 3 if I was feeling it) songs together in GarageBand and totally nail this assignment. At least for this assignment, I knew that I should watch the tutorials first because I could NOT go in blindly. However, when I opened up GarageBand, it was a newer version so it was still a little hard figuring out where everything would be. I originally was going to crossfade Hotel California by The Eagles with One of These Nights, also by The Eagles. They are my favorite band, and I associate the majority of their music with summer since I always listen to them when I’m driving down the shore. So, I thought it would fit my theme to include songs that reminded me (and hopefully others) of summer. However, the first roadblock in my journey was that I didn’t even have One of These Nights in my computer music library; I  only had it on my phone, and I was too lazy to upload it. So, I tried to crossfade it with another song, but nothing sounded good. So, I dropped Hotel California and was going to try to mix The Girl by City and Color with Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. However, I learned really quickly that crossfading two songs that are acoustic is a lot harder than you would think. The two guitars playing two different songs just sound like shit when crossfading, if we’re being honest. At least, it does when I try to do it…I’m sure some professional DJ could make it sound amazing. So, I figured doing two rap/hip hop/R&B songs would be easier since I hear DJ’s mash them up on the radio all the time. I decided to go with Countdown by Beyonce, one of my favorites, and crossfade it with Gold Digger by Kanye featuring Jamie Foxx, another favorite. When I finally nailed the crossfade I thought it sounded so good, but listening to it now – it’s alright. Next, I decided to splice Gold Digger because I thought it would be easier, and it kinda was. You can definitely tell where the splice is, but hey, I tried my best, professor. Splicing is really hard and the guy on the tutorial made it look really easy…it’s not. At least the hardest parts of the class are over, because once again, I’ve been taught I’m not made for any time of creativity/editing of work on the computers. If I do use GarageBand again, it will probably be to make some funny mash up of songs for my friends. 


My commercial.

(Also, I didn’t even realize I had the explicit version of Gold Digger until I was already like 70% done, because I was mostly working on crossfading the intro and recording my “About” page. Only when I had to make a music bed for my audio did I realize, and it caught me off guard, so, sorry if it did the same to anyone else!)


4 thoughts on “Pretending to be a DJ

  1. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever mixed an acoustic song to another acoustic song, usually something with beats comes in before or after. And I totally share the anxiety received from finding two songs won’t mix in the way I hoped. That said, the transition was fine! I like how the beats from Gold Digger come in right after the quicker drums in the background at 0:35. I did find it jarring though to be waiting for something to happen for so long. The narration was sandwiched between two thick sections of song, and since I know that this isn’t just a song, it gets anxious waiting for something to come, mostly since long sections of song imply something big will happen (to me!). I think this could’ve just been one minute, one incredible minute at that!


  2. I love your song choices! It was probably a good idea to switch to R&B/hip hop songs because I couldn’t even imagine how difficult mixing acoustics would be. Great job!!


  3. kinkykutiez

    Lol, two of my favorite songs! I think the time that elapsed before you actually started talking was a bit long, but you have a very pleasant voice and I enjoyed listening to you.


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